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Gamsol Magic


Gamsol Magic is a fun technique where images are colored in using colored pencils and odorless mineral spirits.  I’m using a brand called Mono Lisa, but Gamsol is another specific brand after which this technique is named.  I suggest Prismacolor Colored Pencils for this technique.  These high grade colored pencils achieve better results as the color “spreads” much easier.  Blending stumps can be found in the drawing supply section of your favorite hobby store.  Ready to get started?




Prismacolor Colored Pencils (or any high grade colored pencil)

Blending stumps

Odorless Mineral Spirits

Neutral colored cardstock

Outline stamp

Black inkpad

Art eraser


Stamp your outline image onto cardstock.


Color around your image close to the edges of your outline. 

            TIP – Start with the lighter colors first.


 Dip the tip of your blending stump with mineral spirits.

            TIP – You want the tip damp, not soaking wet.


Blend the color in a circular motion.


Go back over the image, adding highlights and shadows.

TIP – Shading means to add a darker colored pencil or use the same colored pencil and press a bit harder to lay down a more pigment-rich shade.  Highlight by erasing some color with your art eraser, or use a lighter colored pencil in those areas.


Assemble your card or project.


     And another one...



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